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How to install a netframework in win7 32 bit

How to install a netframework in win7 32 bit
As you well know with that. NET Framework serves to run or support certain software that cannot be installed on Windows 7. So the software first will ask to install .NET Framework if you want to install. But what would happen if when want to install net framework 4 always fail?
There are a number of causes where you will find the specific error code. If you always failed with HRESULT Error code: 0xc8000222 here's how to install net framework 4. From several sources mention, that the errors found in the windows Update service.
How, download NET Framework 4 provided by microsoft, you can visit the official website of microsoft and get it for free. Before running the NET Framework Installer, please run the first few of the following settings :
1. go to command prompt (cmd), do I click start-> type cmd-> enter
2. At the command prompt type net stop WuAuServ
3. no need to close the command prompt, and then click start-type% windir% >-> enter; (you can just jump to folder c/windows)
4. find the windows folder in the folder "SoftwareDistribution" and rename into SDold (only as markers only).
5. last returns to the command prompt, type net start WuAuServ and then start installing net framework 4.
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